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Emes Guitars are bespoke, made entirely by hand with care and respect. They are all inspired by a deep love of guitars, music and creativity. Graham brings an understanding of this versatile instrument born out of over 25 years playing guitar, in particular the flamenco guitar over the past decade.


Quality and attention to detail are guaranteed;  Emes Guitars vibrate with life and soul, inspired by a true passion for the craft ~ commissions are always welcome. Please don't hesitate to contact Graham to discuss a possible commission or sale, before deciding to go ahead.

     Graham     Pablo    Stephen

"For many years, I spent my days working as a full-time musician and singer songwriter. Music is in my soul and always will be. However, little did I know back then that a time would come when I would fall in love with the art of guitar making! 


In 2011, I travelled to southern Spain to attend a course at the European Institute of Guitar Making in La Herradura, Granada under the tuition of Master Luthier Stephen Hill and his highly skilled co-tutor Pablo Requena. This experience changed my life because I discovered an insatiable passion for building guitars. Stephen recognised that glint in my eye and promptly took me on as his apprentice guitar maker, and for four brilliant years I learnt this special craft in Spain. Now, I'm a full-time professional luthier in my own right, based in beautiful Voguebeloth, West Cornwall, lovingly constructing my own fine flamenco and classical guitars in the Granada style of guitar making."     

                                                       · Graham Emes ·

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