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Graham Emes

Crafting Spanish soul
              in the heart of Cornwall.

Meet Graham Emes, dedicated and skilled luthier of beautiful and bespoke Spanish guitars.


Graham's concert classical & flamenco guitars are lightweight, responsive and dynamic to play, with good projection, volume and balance of tone.


He honed his craft during a four-year apprenticeship in Granada (Spain) under the expert guidance of master luthier, Stephen Hill.


In 2015, Graham returned to Cornwall (UK) to establish the Emes Guitars Workshop for creating exquisite handcrafted guitars.


Those inspiring years in Spain, combined with the past decade running his own workshop, have given Graham invaluable insight. He now channels this rich experience into his own vision of Spanish guitar making and the special instruments he makes. He also loves teaching guitar making.


Graham is very happy to consult with you closely throughout the build process, from start to finish, ensuring you receive your ideal guitar.


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a bespoke guitar commission OR if you are interested in building a guitar yourself, under Graham's tuition.

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