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Recent news​

The latest NEWS from 'Emes Guitars'!  


Early 2017

    Feeling stoked... have Moku Photography 

filming a mini-docu about the process of building an Emes Guitar





Winter 2016



   ...there's nothing like teaching alongside Master Luthier Stephen Hill

      on one of his 

    Guitar Making Courses

in La Herradura Granada, Spain

              to get the inspiration sparking!


Summer  2016


In the Flow...

   ...The Emes Guitars Workshop shipshape and open to visitors. I will be developing some learning opportunities in future,

                 but for now it's all about the making!




Early  2016


Sharing skills...

   ...happy to have work experience student

    Steven Den Toom from the 

ILSA (International Luthier School, Antwerp) for three weeks in the

                           Emes Guitars Workshop.

             Of course, I had to also introduce him to

                                     the delights of Cornish Pasties!




Winter 2015

  Grateful... have spent some of the best years of my life

     ​in Spain at the Hill Workshop learning the

                 art of guitar making in the Granada style,

             and to now be opening my own workshop

                                    in St Ives, Cornwall!




Emes Guitars Workshop

           ...coming soon!


Summer 2015


Honoured... have been invited to assist in teaching alongside Master Luthier Stephen Hill

      on the June 2015 

Guitar Making Course at:


Winter 2013



   sweet memories of the

        Oct 2011  

Guitar Making Course





Click on the names and discover something about each gentleman's guitar (built on the course) or their latest creative endeavours...


With gratitude to Stephen and Pablo for being the most amiable and inspiring teachers, now also dear friends;  and warm wishes to fellow students. Good fortune to you all!


Summer 2013


Be inspired...

   the website is now here!

and you can follow on Facebook, 
Twitter and Soundcloud, too!


May 2012

News in a nutshell...

   you can email Graham Emes for more information via:


Winter 2011

In the beginning...

   ...there was a newly fledged guitar maker,  

Graham Emes!  With huge thanks to master luthier Stephen Hill, founder of 

the European Institute of Guitar Making.

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